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Torsemide Price Torsemide Cost

Torsemide Price
Torsemide Price

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but its principle still remains the same ; it is essentially and
always a condenser current, produced by a stream of sparks
from discharging condensers from whose external armatures
is taken a current characterized by its extraordinary high
electromotive force and by its oscillatory or alternating
The physiological effects of this current, the static in-
duced current, when human beings are submitted to its in-
fluence, are remarkable.
As we have seen, alternations beyond ten thousand per
second produce no contraction effect upon nerve or muscle.
The high frequency currents here referred to run easily
np to say one hundred thousand alternations per second and
a voltage of one hundred thousand, and produce no effect
upon motor or sensory nerves ; no appreciable sensations
are produced and yet there is a profound effect upon nutri-
tion ; the elimination of urea, of carbonic acid, and of
water is increased from forty to fifty per cent., while, cor-
respondingly, the uric acid and other incomplete products
of tissue combustion are diminished.
In short, the consumption of oxygen is increased, and
the sum total of the complete end products of vital func-
tions is increased at the same time that the incomplete
products of combustion are diminished. That a powerful
current is traversing the body is shown by placing an elec-
tric lamp in circuit with the patient's body and noting that
it lights up though no sensations of the passing current
are felt.
The watts, or horse power, or total electric energy re-
quired to light such a lamp would, if it traversed the body
at lower rates of alternation, cause death.
Why it is that currents of such enormous voltage and
frequency are harmless to the subject submitted to their
action is as yet unknown. Various explanations have
been offered ; among these the most plausible is that there
is actually no horse power in such currents ; but, on the
other hand, if this be so, why is it that the lamps held in
the hands and in circuit with the body are rendered incan-
descent, for the current sufficient to produce this incan-
descence would, as has been said, ordinarily prove fatal ?
This problem remains to be solved.
The practical point to which I would here call your at-
tention is that the static or influence machine, in all of its
manifestations as used in treatment — spark, spray, douche,
and static induced — is essentially a high-frequency, high-
potential current, and it is a source of gratification to the
writer, who in 1880 introduced the practice of using
these machines into this country, and who has long advo-
cated their efficiency in medical practice, to find Torsemide Cost that his
faith was well founded, though the scientific explanations
were not at that time discovered and enunciated, and are
indeed not yet fully furnished us.
It is evident that currents of this nature have a great
future before them in all diseases characterized by incom-
plete combustion processes and malnutrition, like, for in-
stance, rheumatism, gout, anaemia, and chlorosis, neuras-
thenia, melancholia, etc.
To take a single concrete instance, who would not pre-
fer to Torsemide Price cure a case of rheumatism by curtailing and render-
ing impossible the formation of uric acid by carrying its
oxidization on to urea, rather than to render the uric acid
soluble by present means while not in any wise diminisli-
ing its production \
In such directions as these, gentlemen, electrophysi-
ology and electrotherapeutics are tending.
{To be concluded.)
By E. H. BARTLEY, M. D.,
Glucose, either in the pure state, as invert sugar, or
mixed with cane sugar, is a daily article of diet. It is an
important question to determine whether there is a differ-
ence in the effects of this sugar and cane sugar. Since
glucose has become a cheap commercial article, it has
found numerous uses in the arts and as an article of diet.
Several foreign chemists, notably Nessler, Schmitz, and
Landbeck, have professed to have found in commercial
glucose an unfermentable substance having injurious effects.
The experiment has been tried of adding glucose to
grape juice before fermenting, to fortify the wine to be
produced. This was a failure because of the disagreeable
after-effects from drinking the wine.
A few years ago enormous quantities were used in the
manufacture of beers. Several expert brewers have in-
* Read before the New York Section of the American Chemical
Society, January 12, 189,").
April 20, 1895.
formed the writer that such beers always have a bad after-
efiect. In 1882 a committee of American chemists exam-
ined the question with great care, and reported that there
was no evidence before the committee that maize or starch
sugar (glucose), either in its normal condition or fermented,
has any deleterious effect upon the system, even if taken in
large quantities. While the ability and standing of these
chemists can not be questioned, we may ask what experi-
ments were "made by them as to the effects of the long- con-
tinued use of glucose. In discussing the effects of an arti-
cle of diet that is to be used by all the individuals of a
community, the sanitarian is obliged to observe the effect
upon all classes. Investigating committees are apt to
select only healthy subjects for such observations, which
may lead to conclusions not consistent with the truth when
all classes are considered.
The physician or the sanitary authority is bound to
protect the weak and diseased, as well as the robust and
sound. This point is frequently overlooked. The real
question should be. Are there any considerable number of
persons seriously affected by this article of food, and who
should be warned against its free use ?
Commercial glucose is a mixture of dextrose, maltose,
dextrin, and traces of other substances, in varying propor-
tions in different samples. The chief ingredient is dex-
trose (grape sugar or diabetic sugar). This sugar is not
furnished in large quantities by many natural sources of
food, and is prepared in the human body only in the intes-
tine from cane sugar taken with food or during the act of
absorption of this sugar or the maltose formed by the diges-
tive ferments upon starch. In other words, it is prepared

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